Class III (NFA)

What is a Class III Firearm/Suppressor/Silencer?

Class III includes select machine guns, silencers, destructive devices, short-barreled rifles and short-barreled shotguns.

Are Silencers Legal?

In most states, including Michigan, silencers may be owned by individuals, corporations and trusts.

Who Can Purchase a Class III Firearm?

Applicants must be:

  • a United States citizen,
  • at least 21 years old,
  • meet the requirements for buying a handgun (not convicted of a felony, dishonorable discharged, etc.), and
  • be a resident of the state where the firearm is purchased.

What is the Process for Purchasing a Class III firearm from Firearm X-Press?

The paperwork process for purchasing a Class III firearm or silencer can seem daunting for many gun owners, but for most applicants, it will simply require some additional processing time.

If you are shopping for a silencer, there are many resources on the web to help you decide which model would be best for your needs.  Firearm X-Press works with many different distributors and can usually obtain any silencer that you may be interested in.  One of our distributors (Silencershop) has a large in stock inventory and through our partnership we are able to streamline the paperwork and wait times.  When you visit their website, you can see all available inventory and prices (once you click on a specific item, it will give you the local dealer prices).  As you will see, Firearm X-Press has some of the lowest prices in the area.  Once you select Firearm X-Press as your local dealer, you can make payment and the paperwork process will begin.

Once you have decided what item you would like to purchase, contact Firearm X-Press to order (if necessary) and make payment. We will order your product and hold it until your approval is completed.

If purchasing as an individual:

You must also complete The Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm Form (Form 4) and submit it with your $200 transfer tax. Firearm X-Press will be happy to help you complete this form and submit it on your behalf. This form must include the serial number of the item you are purchasing, a recent color passport-sized photograph of the applicant, a signature of the chief law enforcement officer of your county or local sheriff, two completed FBI fingerprint cards, ATF Certification of Compliance with 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(B) and a check made payable to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for $200. Don’t worry, we have all the paperwork needed at Firearm X-Press and we will walk you through the process free of charge. Currently the BATFE estimates the individual processing time as 4-7 months.

If purchasing with an NFA Trust or Corporation:

Class III/NFA firearms can be purchased by using a NFA Trust or as a Corporation. Purchasing as an NFA Trust will be discussed here as it is the most common form of NFA purchase. The NFA Trust has several advantages versus purchasing as an individual:

  • No Chief Law Enforcement Officer signature is required
  • No fingerprinting or photograph is required
  • Grantor of the NFA Trust can add Trustees who can also handle the NFA items owned by the trust (as long as they are legally able to handle a firearm)
  • Reduced paperwork processing time (120 days – 6 months)
  • The $200 NFA transfer tax must still be paid by Trusts and Corporations

The first step in purchasing your NFA item with an NFA Trust is establishing the Trust. Once the NFA Trust is established decide what items you would like to purchase.  Firearm X-Press will submit the paperwork and $200 NFA Tax payment. In 120 days – 6 months the transfer will be approved and you can take your NFA item home!

Why is there an additional fee?

Individuals purchasing a “National Firearms Act” (NFA) weapon is required to pay a one-time Federal Excise Tax fee of $200 to the ATF.

How long is the typical wait for a Class III firearm/suppressor?

The time frame for processing a Class III application varies depending on the volume at the ATF. Currently, the wait times are 3-6 months.

How will I know I have been approved?

The ATF will notify Firearm X-Press that your application has been processed. We will notify you that your paperwork is complete and you can pick up your item.